Pressing matters first:  Today marks the first Food Truck Rally of the year.  The festivities will be at Meridian City Hall from 4-8 P.M, to celebrate National Library Week, and the line-up so far is as follows:A Cupcake ParadiseArchie’s PlaceBel Cibo TruckGenki TakoyakiMosaic Crepe Co.P. Ditty’s Wrap WagonTiki’s Shave IceVietMOM GrillHowever, just because this is […]

I receive a fair amount of (mostly) good-natured teasing regarding how much I focus on burgers and food trucks here.  So, for all of those people, here’s a review about a burger truck!Burgerlicious has been around for about a year now, and even though I’m just now writing them up, I tried them pretty much […]