The Donut + Dog storefront

As much as I bitch about the lack of certain authentic foodstuffs around these parts, I’m also a big sucker for novelty. Show me a bizarre new Oreo flavor or this year’s selection of limited-time chips from Lay’s, and I pretty much have to try them. Yeah, they suck 90% of the time, but it’s […]

DIablo & Sons storefront

So you might not be aware of this, I certainly wasn’t until an acquaintance tagged me in a Facebook post, but we’re currently in the middle of Refugee Restaurant Week. Four eateries (Grit American Cuisine in Eagle, Grit 2C in Caldwell, The STIL in Boise, and of course Diablo & Sons because why the hell […]

Deathproof Coffee storefront

First things first: I’m gonna apologize if this post ends up not being up to my usual standards, whatever the hell those are. I did that One Chip Challenge thing last night, and I’ve been a little out of sorts ever since. I didn’t take, and won’t be posting, any video. I wasn’t in it […]

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, it’s pretty obvious that I’m more or less an entirely unrepentant carnivore. I mean yeah, if I really think about it I feel a little bad sometimes. Doesn’t stop me from eating pretty much anything that’s set in front of me, regardless of how evil […]


Once upon a time, several years ago, I was planning my first trip to Salt Lake City since I was a kid. While researching eateries, I came across a Yelp listing for a Korean BBQ truck called Cupbop. I didn’t manage to check it out on that trip, or the many subsequent trips that followed. […]

I just got back from checking out the soft opening of a new Boise restaurant. It’s one of those Korean BBQ joints where you cook your own meat. The details don’t matter, and I’m not going to post any pictures here. This ain’t a review. As a general rule, I don’t believe in reviewing restaurants […]

Hook & Reel front door

I love seafood. Have for as long as I can remember. As soon as I outgrew the Happy Meals at McDonald’s, I moved straight on to the Filet-O-Fish. When I started paying my own way at Chinese restaurants, I quickly moved on from pork fried rice to the more expensive shrimp variety. When I finally […]