Dough Zone Dumpling House

If you’ve followed me over from the old site, or have seen my Facebook or Instagram pages, there’s a good chance you’re aware of my fondness for dim sum.  And while variety is the spice of life (or maybe it’s smoked paprika, I can never keep that straight), sometimes you just want to go to a […]

Ramen Sho

So, I’m sure a lot of you are surprised that I haven’t written about Ramen Sho yet, especially considering that I’ve been such a repetitive complainer about the lack of ramen options in the City of Trees and its surrounding areas.  I have gone there (twice now), and I’ve been ruminating over how to approach […]

La Ranchera Market

So I guess I should have posted this on Tuesday because, like, Taco Tuesday.  Well, Wednesday will have to be good enough.  Wait, it’s already so late I probably won’t get it finished and posted until tomorrow, so…Taco Thursday?  Oh screw it, is it ever a bad day for tacos?  Where was I going with […]

This will be the last Treasure Valley Treats and Tragedies post.  I’m not quitting blogging, but honestly it’s time for a change.  The main reason is that I’m just plain sick and tired of this site.  The name is the worst part, believe it or not. I thought the hyperbole was cute when Ms. Golden […]

So my New Year’s resolution was to post more stuff more often, and while I’m sure it will be every bit as successful as all the previous times I’ve made that promise, I figure I should at least make an effort.  The good folks at Blue Ice Vodka apparently wanted me to post, because they […]

I first heard of Eureka! last year, when it was announced that they’d be opening a location in downtown Boise.  Downtown probably needs another burger joint like, well, like I need to eat more burgers.  Still, they do have a burger featuring bone marrow, and a selection of small batch whiskeys.  It’s pretty safe to […]

As usual, I’m several months behind in my reviews.  I’ve been easily distracted by family, friends, road trips, movies, books, TV, video games, shiny objects, you name it.  I’ve actually had to junk reviews because I just don’t remember enough about a particular visit to a place to turn it into a cohesive write-up.  But forget about […]