Damn I’ve been having a hard time motivating myself to write lately.  It’s just so much more difficult when the food is mediocre.  I mean how many ways are there to describe food that’s more or less “just okay”?  I’ve had these things piling up because I don’t want to bother writing about them, so […]

I have mentioned in previous entries that the torta is my favorite Mexican food item.  I’ve said that the best tortas I know of come from a taco truck in Nampa.  However, those of you who have read my Wheelers review may remember that I have also said I almost never make it out to Nampa […]

The only place on the truck where the name & logo are easily visibleTo be honest, my loved ones don’t understand my fixation with truck food.  Especially my girlfriend.  I guess that’s fair, since I don’t really understand their desire to eat at places like Taco Bell.  So, I usually hit up trucks alone or […]

Lili’s is another member of what I’ve dubbed the “mobile international food court” at the Northwest corner of Fairview and Maple Grove in Boise, along with Kickin Chickin and Giacinto’s Italian Gourmet.  Even though they’ve been they’re the longest, they were the ones I tried last.  Let’s face it, we’re not exactly having a taco […]

Yesterday was a day worthy of noting: the first time my attempt to get my lady to a taco truck ended up being successful!  Since I was getting out of work early due to the holiday, we both held off eating and met for a late lunch at Tacos Mobile Primo, located at the southwest […]