Sometimes it pays to keep the home fires burning…As reported by The Idaho Statesman and confirmed on The Melting Pot’s official website, the downtown Boise location will indeed be re-opening, albeit under new management.  Soon.  As in as soon as November 1st.  When they closed up shop they said they hoped to re-open someday, but I doubt […]

Just in case you weren’t aware, The Melting Pot is open again as of November 2010!This is another long one, so I hope you’ve set aside some time.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but trying to get pics on a camera phone in far from ideal lighting conditions is not easy.My girlfriend […]

Yesterday, this blog received it’s 1,000th view in under three weeks.  I’m still floored by that, but at the same time very pleased that people seem so interested in the local food scene.  Of course up to this point I’ve mostly written about street food and that, by necessity, is going to have to change.  […]