The roommate and I went to the Oregon Coast over the weekend.  On the way back home I was feeling kind of peckish, and my travelling companion needed to make a pit stop.  She wasn’t hungry and we were in a hurry, so I needed something to grab and go.  This is how we ended […]

I’ve mentioned a few times lately that I’ve been getting a lot of contacts from PR firms.  Most of the requests come from people who have obviously never given my blog even a basic perusal, but occasionally an interesting offer will come through.  Recently I was contacted by someone letting me know that Epicurean has recently […]

Okay, I know this isn’t the kind of post most of you were expecting, but bear with me.  The good people at Franz Bakery are doing their annual Spirit of Giving campaign, and asked me to help spread the word.  Go to and nominate someone who could use a little help holiday season.  40 nominees […]

I’ve never been a big believer in fate, but I’ll go so far as to admit that occasionally it seems that the Universe is really trying to tell you something.  I believe that the purest purpose any of us can serve during our short time on this planet is to experience, learn, and grow as […]

My roommate has lived in Eagle most of her life, and the one thing she complains about over and over in regards to my site is the fact that I’ve done very few reviews of Eagle eateries.  In particular, she’s been fixating on The Blue Moose Café for a while now, despite the fact that […]

What follows is a long-winded diatribe regarding a couple of responses to what I do (or do not do) on here.  It is not a review of an eatery or a dish.  You’ve been warned.  Click below if you’re so inclined.It’s been far too long since I’ve gone on one of my angry rants, which I […]

I’ve got another article up over at the Boise Weekly website.  It’s meant to be the first in a series about chefs and restauranteurs, which is an entirely different type of writing for me.  Please take a look and fee free to share your thoughts:  In The Kitchen with Phu Tran of RiceWorks