This will be the last Treasure Valley Treats and Tragedies post.  I’m not quitting blogging, but honestly it’s time for a change.  The main reason is that I’m just plain sick and tired of this site.  The name is the worst part, believe it or not. I thought the hyperbole was cute when Ms. Golden […]

Vermicelli from Baguette DeliI ended up at Baguette Deli again recently, but I wasn’t really feeling the sandwich thing.  Lucky for me they had another option.  Their vermicelli dishes come with a pile of rice noodles, all the veggies from their sandwiches, cilantro and your choice of toppings.  I opted for BBQ pork and sliced […]

Delicious coconut almond mocha from The Human BeanAsiago bagel with light bacon scallion cream cheese from Blue Sky BagelsPesto turkey sandwich from Baguette DeliMounds (chocolate coconut) bubble tea from Yokozuna TeriyakiCoconut bubble tea from Yokozuna Teriyaki

Is there anything you love so much that, whenever you experience it, you can’t help but wonder why you don’t indulge your appreciation for it more often?  Baguette Deli is like that for me.  Every time I go there, I end up asking myself why I don’t go all the time.  The service is great, […]

Obon Japan Nite – After a few years of false starts, I finally made it out to this.  I don’t know if people telling me about it had blown it out of  proportion or if I’d hyped it up a little in my own mind, but I have to admit that what I’d expected to […]