Alrighty.  I still have a little motivation left over and I did promise some local content, so let’s keep the ball rolling.  Today we’ll be talking about a place that I actually visited two months ago (where does the time go) but because I’m a lazy bastard I’m kind of the last person in town […]

One thing I’m learning about eating in Nampa is that the further you get away from the historic downtown area, not a lot of attention is paid to how a business looks on the outside.  I have stepped across the thresholds of several eateries that were a little sketchy-looking, only to find myself in a […]

Well, since I’m starting to get backed up on Thai restaurants I need to review, I might as well get one of them out of the way.  Pad Thai House has become a favorite over the last several months, not just of mine but my roommate, my mother, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, etc.  They […]

So, a couple of days after my previous trip, I had occasion to be in Twin Falls again (don’t ask).  But given my previous good luck, this time I decided specifically to see what else Mountain Home might have to offer.When it comes to aggregate review sites for restaurants, I’ve always been partial to Urbanspoon, […]

I’m not in the habit of writing a second blog entry about places.  At least so far.  Even though I will revisit places that I love, albeit far less often than I would like, I would rather focus on ground I haven’t already covered.  There have been a few exceptions, like Boise Fry Company and […]

No, not the A Taste of Thai that makes the colorfully packaged canned and boxed foods that you can buy in pretty much every grocery store.  This A Taste of Thai is the latest link in a small chain based out of Twin Falls, and took over the space vacated by the Saigon Grill at […]