A while back I found out that The Kids in the Hall were embarking on their first tour since 2008.  I initially wavered back and forth about whether to go, but I still had enough money after returning from the Oregon Coast in March to pull it off.  It was going to be my first […]

So the West End Food Park has barely gotten started, and they’re already in trouble by some accounts.  I had hoped the worst had passed once the Kickstarter was funded (after all, some people tend to be more likely to support something once someone else has done all the work), but between the busy Summer season […]

Even though it ended up so bloated that I posted it as its own review, my visit to El Habanero was just the first of what ended up being four street food meals last weekend, and it was originally supposed to be part of a compilation write-up.  Here are the other places I finally got around […]

Food trucks making the jump to “brick and mortar” restaurants has become something of a trend lately.  I can think of four so far this year.  Unfortunately, about half the time they seem to junk the trucks when the restaurant opens, which surprises and saddens me.  I mean things are just starting to get more […]

A while back, I posted a list of restaurants that had failed to impress me over on my Facebook page, some of which I’d written up, and a few that I hadn’t bothered with.  I asked which of them was worthy of a second chance.  El Gallo Giro (my review is here) was the overwhelming winner, but […]

Well my last review was kind of lame, seeing as how it was basically a photo gallery with a few random comments, so of course I figure why not do the same thing again?  I first encountered Big Daddy’s Barbecue when they was serving up delicious meats from a shack in front of Cabela’s (read about it here).  […]

Yes, another barbecue post.  Why?  Because I love barbecue, and it’s my website!  Plus, Summer is drawing to a close, so why not?Bob’s Texas BBQ is a respectable-sized shack located on the corner of State Street and Gardener Lane in Boise (or Garden City, depending on who you ask).  I drive by the shack on my […]

Damn I’ve been having a hard time motivating myself to write lately.  It’s just so much more difficult when the food is mediocre.  I mean how many ways are there to describe food that’s more or less “just okay”?  I’ve had these things piling up because I don’t want to bother writing about them, so […]

In the Spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.  That’s what Tennyson said anyway.  To be frank, I don’t have the best track record with love, and I’m not so sure I qualify as a young man any longer.  It doesn’t really matter I guess, since we didn’t really HAVE a […]