After we checked out of the hotel the following morning, it was time to once again feed my constant dim sum craving.  After good but still somewhat lacking experiences in Seattle earlier this year and at a different place in Portland last year, I finally returned to my first love.  The actual name of the joint is Wong’s King […]

My alarm went off at 7:00.  Normally I don’t bother setting an alarm while on vacation, especially since I have this odd habit of waking up with the sunrise (albeit only on vacation), but I’ll make an exception on certain occasions.  This was such an occasion.  A little later on, at a more sensible time, […]

On the whole, this working in Nampa thing has been a positive experience food-wise.  I’ve found unique sandwiches and sushi, addictive Hawaiian, surprisingly good Thai, even a combination Mexican and gyro joint.  But it hasn’t been all moonshine and corn dogs.  There is no Indian food.  I have yet to find a truly good burger […]

So a reader recommended Golden Wok to me just over two years ago now.  I know, aren’t I just the worst?  To be honest, I find it hard to get excited about Americanized Chinese food.  There’s no shortage of those types of eateries around here, and let’s call a spade a spade: most of them […]

Well, since I’m starting to get backed up on Thai restaurants I need to review, I might as well get one of them out of the way.  Pad Thai House has become a favorite over the last several months, not just of mine but my roommate, my mother, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, etc.  They […]

Believe it or not (and trust me, I’m having a hard time believing it at the moment), I’ve been doing this food blogging thing for just four months shy of four years.  Of all the people I’ve met while eating my way across the Valley and beyond, both good and bad, a handful have ended […]

Here’s some random food stuff that is interesting me at the moment…1)  There’s another, bigger food truck rally going on this Thursday (September 1st) downtown at 4th and Grove.  The festivities will be from 5-9 PM.  Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to make it myself, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of […]