For a while there, I was really behind on my reviews.  I’m starting to get caught up now, but the places I’ve visited recently have had to go to the bottom of the stack while I wrote up restaurants that I visited weeks or even months before.  In one case, that backlog has allowed me […]

My luck with Hawaiian-style food has been pretty hit and miss, especially for someone who has had so little of it.  Way back in the day before I decided I needed a domain name and a blogging platform so I could use a few thousand words to describe a cheeseburger, I did my reviewing on […]

EDIT: A follower of my Facebook page left a comment saying that the food and service are horrible at ‘Ohana.  It turns out that the restaurant changed hands yet again in early May, and I’ve not been there since the new owners took control so I can’t speak for the quality of the food or […]

Update – Shaka Shak has expanded into a full restaurant just a little further down the parking lot where Ono Hawaiian Cafe used to be.  More info at  The old Shak still stands, but is now a Human Bean coffee stand.Before we get into this, let me just say that I’m beginning to suspect that […]