The sandwich is a wonderful thing.  From the majestic simplicity of the grilled cheese or the PB&J to the iconic BLT, torta and Cubano, cramming stuff between two hunks of starch results in everything from comfort food to art form.  The Valley certainly has been seeing a boom in sandwich joints lately, and while many […]

A while back I found out that The Kids in the Hall were embarking on their first tour since 2008.  I initially wavered back and forth about whether to go, but I still had enough money after returning from the Oregon Coast in March to pull it off.  It was going to be my first […]

So, I’ve been sitting on this one for several months now, in hopes that I would have a chance to return and try some more things (and honestly, get some better pictures).  It’s almost happened a couple of times but just didn’t pan out.  Maybe writing about the place will galvanize me into dragging my […]

Last day (well, half day) in Seattle.  Everyone was raring to get out of the hotel and cram in some last-chance fun.Well, everyone except Cousin It…Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.  After two straight days of constant walking, we were feeling a little sore, tired, blistery, etc.  Mentally though, we were still mostly excited.  Mostly.  Luckily […]

Let me say a couple of words to you:  Cuban Sandwich.  Or Cubano, if you prefer.  Picture it in your mind.  What do you see?  Myself, I see ham, roasted pork, mustard, pickles, and Swiss cheese, layered on bread pressed so thoroughly that the outside almost takes on the consistency of a cracker.  It’s one […]

The Village at Meridian just keeps growing.  I was recently invited to a pre-opening event for Café Zupas, the newest eatery to take up residence.  It’s primarily a sandwich place, so initially it seemed a strange choice to stick it right next door to Which Wich, another sandwich chain that’s been part of the Village for […]