Last day (well, half day) in Seattle.  Everyone was raring to get out of the hotel and cram in some last-chance fun.Well, everyone except Cousin It…Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.  After two straight days of constant walking, we were feeling a little sore, tired, blistery, etc.  Mentally though, we were still mostly excited.  Mostly.  Luckily […]

My alarm went off at 7:00.  Normally I don’t bother setting an alarm while on vacation, especially since I have this odd habit of waking up with the sunrise (albeit only on vacation), but I’ll make an exception on certain occasions.  This was such an occasion.  A little later on, at a more sensible time, […]

Our last day in Seattle was Groundhog Day.  The movie, I mean.  Once again, I was the first out of bed.  Once again, everyone else was stirring by the time I emerged from the bathroom.  And once again, they wanted me to go across the street to Starbucks for a carbon copy of their orders from […]

I arrived back at the hotel, planning to lie down for a little while and digest.  The International District is closer to it than the Space Needle, so I figured I had at least fifteen or twenty minutes to relax before the ladies arrived.  As I stepped off the elevator I could see right into our […]

I don’t know exactly what time I woke up.  All I know is that everyone else was still asleep so, as the lone male in our merry band of traveling Idahoans, I jumped at the opportunity to be first to the shower.  Like everything else about the hotel, the shower worked ass-backwards, meaning that you had […]