We’re going out of order here.  In my last post, I described on of the great meals of my life.  However, that wasn’t the first thing that happened when I arrived in town.  I had a few hours to kill, which I planned to spend up in the mountains taking pictures of the forest area […]

I’m not a professional.  I’ve said it time and again.  Usually it’s to remind the people reading my ramblings.  I do it a a defensive measure.  You don’t like my use of profanity?  The fact that I spend so much time writing about places that are out of town?  That so much of my writing […]

Allow me to make something clear right from the start:  I know pretty much nothing about Korean food.  There wasn’t even a Korean eatery around here for the longest time, so the best you could do were things like the (admittedly awesome) fusion tacos at RiceWorks or highly questionable options like short ribs that occasionally show […]

Alrighty.  I still have a little motivation left over and I did promise some local content, so let’s keep the ball rolling.  Today we’ll be talking about a place that I actually visited two months ago (where does the time go) but because I’m a lazy bastard I’m kind of the last person in town […]

 After we checked out of the hotel the following morning, it was time to once again feed my constant dim sum craving.  After good but still somewhat lacking experiences in Seattle earlier this year and at a different place in Portland last year, I finally returned to my first love.  The actual name of the joint is Wong’s King […]

Welcome to the Pacific NorthwestAfter a satisfying lunch (pulled pork and side dishes aside), we went and got checked into the hotel, made a quick trip to my favorite Safeway (and a not-so-quick trip to the Fred Meyer down the street due to its horrible parking lot) for some essentials, then back to the hotel again to enjoy not being […]

On the whole, this working in Nampa thing has been a positive experience food-wise.  I’ve found unique sandwiches and sushi, addictive Hawaiian, surprisingly good Thai, even a combination Mexican and gyro joint.  But it hasn’t been all moonshine and corn dogs.  There is no Indian food.  I have yet to find a truly good burger […]