Okay, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while because…well, because I just didn’t feel motivated to do it.  But I’m trying to weed through my backlog of unfinished reviews, and I’ve had to delete so many because it’s been so long that I just didn’t remember them that well.  I just want to […]

My roomie is a very spontaneous person.  Here’s a perfect example:  last week when I was griping about wanting to get out of town, even if only for a day, she said that her kids were on spring break the following week, so if I wanted to take Monday off we could drive up to […]

If you’ve read through my posts, you’ll see quite a few write-ups for places that I thought were pretty good, a fair amount for places that I absolutely adored, and a few for places that I just plain despised.  That isn’t to say that I don’t go to eateries that I don’t have any strong […]

At the beginning of this month my employer moved our offices to Nampa, a place I haven’t spent any serious time in since I was a kid and Karcher Mall was the epitome of local shopping.  In preparation for the move, I started researching eateries within a small radius of the new office.  I already […]