I first heard of Eureka! last year, when it was announced that they’d be opening a location in downtown Boise.  Downtown probably needs another burger joint like, well, like I need to eat more burgers.  Still, they do have a burger featuring bone marrow, and a selection of small batch whiskeys.  It’s pretty safe to […]

Okay, this is going to be such a quick one that usually I’d go back for a second visit to pad it out, but it’s a means to an end so bear with me.  Tonight from 5-8 pm is the second weekly installment of Food Trucks in the Park at Ann Morrison Park downtown, courtesy […]

Recently we celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday.  Mama wanted steak, and I decided she was gonna get it.  The question: where?  The last time I tried to take her out for a steak, the place literally served her a slab of raw meat.  She isn’t fond of “stuffy” places, plus we had kids with us, […]

I spent the first couple of years of the new millennium living in Upstate New York.  Unfortunately, I was a much different person then, especially in regards to food.  I was surrounded by options I’d never had before, and as a rule I ignored them while my then-girlfriend and I made the rounds of various […]

I like burgers.  A lot.  In fact, I’ve taken some ribbing over how many burgers and burger joints I’ve written about on this blog.  I can’t help it, I like options!  And like pizza, sandwiches and salads, the burger is just one of those foods that lends itself to customization.  I’ve driven all the way […]

Food trucks making the jump to “brick and mortar” restaurants has become something of a trend lately.  I can think of four so far this year.  Unfortunately, about half the time they seem to junk the trucks when the restaurant opens, which surprises and saddens me.  I mean things are just starting to get more […]

You may notice that I don’t typically include a lot of background information about eateries and chefs in my reviews.  Unlike print publications and some of the other bloggers around, I value my anonymity, the primary reason for which is the fact that when I go to a place, I want to be treated like […]