Ramen Sho

So, I’m sure a lot of you are surprised that I haven’t written about Ramen Sho yet, especially considering that I’ve been such a repetitive complainer about the lack of ramen options in the City of Trees and its surrounding areas.  I have gone there (twice now), and I’ve been ruminating over how to approach […]

My alarm went off at 7:00.  Normally I don’t bother setting an alarm while on vacation, especially since I have this odd habit of waking up with the sunrise (albeit only on vacation), but I’ll make an exception on certain occasions.  This was such an occasion.  A little later on, at a more sensible time, […]

So the West End Food Park has barely gotten started, and they’re already in trouble by some accounts.  I had hoped the worst had passed once the Kickstarter was funded (after all, some people tend to be more likely to support something once someone else has done all the work), but between the busy Summer season […]

Believe it or not (and trust me, I’m having a hard time believing it at the moment), I’ve been doing this food blogging thing for just four months shy of four years.  Of all the people I’ve met while eating my way across the Valley and beyond, both good and bad, a handful have ended […]

If you were to ask me why I’ve never written about Sakana before, I would have to say that’s a good question.  And I wish I had an answer.  I’ve been eating there longer than I’ve been doing this website.  I think sometimes it’s more difficult with a place you’ve been to many times, because […]

I never got a chance to write up the Osaka Grill in Meridian before they went the way of so many other independent restaurants over the last few years, and that’s really too bad because I was a fan.  Their stuff was a more oily, less healthy version of Asian grill food, but it was […]

Anyone who’s seen my Facebook page knows that it exists primarily to promote my eatery write-ups, but I also try to pass along any food offers from the numerous daily deal sites.  If you haven’t been keeping an eye on these things, you’ve been missing out.  I’ll likely do a blog entry on them at some […]