I’m not a professional.  I’ve said it time and again.  Usually it’s to remind the people reading my ramblings.  I do it a a defensive measure.  You don’t like my use of profanity?  The fact that I spend so much time writing about places that are out of town?  That so much of my writing […]

We interrupt my regularly scheduled backlog of unfinished reviews for this important message…Earlier today, I was doing some reading up of reviews on the aggregate sites because I wanted sushi tonight and was trying to figure out where that was going to happen.  I ended up stumbling across a new place that I hadn’t even […]

One thing I’m learning about eating in Nampa is that the further you get away from the historic downtown area, not a lot of attention is paid to how a business looks on the outside.  I have stepped across the thresholds of several eateries that were a little sketchy-looking, only to find myself in a […]

Occasionally I’ll go to a very new restaurant and have a frustrating experience, but see enough promise in them to realize maybe I should give them another chance down the road.  That instinct has rarely let me down, but in this case pretty much everything I’ve heard and read has led me to believe that […]

If you were to ask me why I’ve never written about Sakana before, I would have to say that’s a good question.  And I wish I had an answer.  I’ve been eating there longer than I’ve been doing this website.  I think sometimes it’s more difficult with a place you’ve been to many times, because […]

I swear to you, I didn’t want to kick off the new year with another bunch of these, but I’ve been having a lot of mediocre experiences lately and I’m burying myself with them because I can’t get enthused about writing them up.  Bear with me, and consider yourself warned…Stagecoach Inn’s Fried ChickenI guess we […]

Here’s some random food stuff that is interesting me at the moment…1)  There’s another, bigger food truck rally going on this Thursday (September 1st) downtown at 4th and Grove.  The festivities will be from 5-9 PM.  Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to make it myself, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of […]

Anyone who’s seen my Facebook page knows that it exists primarily to promote my eatery write-ups, but I also try to pass along any food offers from the numerous daily deal sites.  If you haven’t been keeping an eye on these things, you’ve been missing out.  I’ll likely do a blog entry on them at some […]