I spent the first couple of years of the new millennium living in Upstate New York.  Unfortunately, I was a much different person then, especially in regards to food.  I was surrounded by options I’d never had before, and as a rule I ignored them while my then-girlfriend and I made the rounds of various […]

On the whole, this working in Nampa thing has been a positive experience food-wise.  I’ve found unique sandwiches and sushi, addictive Hawaiian, surprisingly good Thai, even a combination Mexican and gyro joint.  But it hasn’t been all moonshine and corn dogs.  There is no Indian food.  I have yet to find a truly good burger […]

Have you ever gone to one of those places that gets amazingly good reviews, then you try it and you’re just not impressed?  I mean good print reviews, good website reviews, glowing comments from friends, co-workers and family, and you just don’t get it.  What do you do in those cases?  Personally, I usually go […]

For a while there, I was really behind on my reviews.  I’m starting to get caught up now, but the places I’ve visited recently have had to go to the bottom of the stack while I wrote up restaurants that I visited weeks or even months before.  In one case, that backlog has allowed me […]

One thing I’m learning about eating in Nampa is that the further you get away from the historic downtown area, not a lot of attention is paid to how a business looks on the outside.  I have stepped across the thresholds of several eateries that were a little sketchy-looking, only to find myself in a […]

I’ve been hearing a lot of noise (primarily through Groupon) about Skippers promoting the sustainability of their seafood.  I’m unsure if it’s just the Nampa location or a company-wide thing, but recently I found myself in that area of town and shrimp sounded pretty good.  I guess you know what happens next…Whatever may (or may […]

I like sandwiches.  A lot.  The convenience factor is nice of course (assuming it’s a sane sandwich, if I need a knife and fork it’s hard to think of it as a sandwich…I’m looking at you, open-faced “sandwiches”), but it’s the sheer versatility that is the best thing about them.  The possibilities are basically endless. […]

If you’ve read through my posts, you’ll see quite a few write-ups for places that I thought were pretty good, a fair amount for places that I absolutely adored, and a few for places that I just plain despised.  That isn’t to say that I don’t go to eateries that I don’t have any strong […]